Glasgow deserves a fair deal and that is what we are fighting for


 Frank McAveety: 'We pledge to always be Glasgow’s community champions – not anyone else’s.'


Welcome to the Glasgow Labour website.
Here you can find the details of your local Labour representatives and the work that we are undertaking to help improve our local communities.
Glasgow is Scotland’s greatest city.
We are undoubtedly the powerhouse of the Scottish economy as well its cultural, sporting and academic heart. Leading our city is a great honour and a responsibility I take very seriously. Glasgow deserves a fair deal and that is what we are fighting for.
For too many in our city, a fair day’s work doesn’t pay a fair days wage. As a result of decisions made at Westminster and Holyrood, working families in Glasgow are thousands of pounds worse off –literally paying the price of failure.
I am proud that in tough times Glasgow Labour continues to put our Labour values into action and is standing up for Glasgow’s people in these tough times.
·         Using the Commonwealth Games to tackle unemployment and put 5,500 Glaswegians into work or apprenticeships with our Glasgow Guarantee.
·         Ensuring no Council worker is ever paid less than a living wage and extending fair pay to over 450 city employers.
·         Investing £250m in our school estate so that our children can learn in buildings that match their ambitions and continue to receive record exam results. In the last decade we have almost doubled our pass rate and more pupils than ever are leaving school into work, further study or training.
·         Using Council contracts to reward employers who pay a living wage, demonstrate real community benefits and who don’t use exploitative zero hours contracts or have a track record of blacklisting trade unionists.
·         Helping pensioners over the age of 80 through the winter with the £100 Affordable Warmth Dividend to tackle fuel poverty and ensure the elderly are never faced with the impossible choice between heating or eating.
As a result of decisions taken in Edinburgh to give Glasgow less of the local government budget, Glasgow has to find £130 million of savings in the next two years. That is money that is there at Holyrood but being diverted to ‘other priorities’ and parts of the country instead of our local schools, nurseries and roads.
Despite this Glasgow is still a city that is on the up. Since 2014 we have been continued to compete on the world stage and become the fastest growing UK economy outside of London; but that has not happened by accident. I want to continue to work with you and all of our city partners to make sure we continue to use all of Glasgow’s potential to make our city a better place to live and work.
We pledge to always be Glasgow’s community champions – not anyone else’s.


Councillor Frank McAveety

Leader, Glasgow City Council

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