Fighting for Glasgow's future

Bailie Liz Cameron, Executive member for Education, writes on Glasgow Labour's ambitions for our young people 

If Glasgow Labour stands for anything it is to tackle inequality and deliver social justice; and there is no job more important to achieving those aims than preparing our young people for their future.

From those early first days of school to further and higher education, it’s crucial that we give them the very best opportunities to allow them to shape their future and ensure that the only limits on their potential is the size of their imagination.

But it’s not just education for educations sake. 

We all know that Glasgow is Scotland’s economic powerhouse.  Under our stewardship our city has become the the fastest growing economy in the UK and home to an ever increasing number of businesses of all sectors.

All coming to Glasgow because our track record tells them they can succeed.  With the fast paced innovative economy we need to ensure that we have a workforce with the skills that they’re looking for. 

Let me tell you, Labour is making sure that we do.

Glasgow Labour’s commitment to education is unparalleled.  Over the last fifteen years we have spent over £600m on our schools.  Gone are the days of leaky roofs and cold classrooms.  Replaced with smart boards and IT suites to create an environment that gives every child and young person the opportunity to thrive.

Alongside the best secondary school buildings in the country, Glasgow Labour has been investing £250m over the last four years to rebuild or refurbish every single primary school across our city.  It’s been a huge project but we know how important it is to ensure that every child has the best chance to learn.

And it’s paying off too.

Year after year Glasgow’s schools report record achievements in their exam results – this year was no different.

Attainment across the board was at record levels.

Over the last 10 years, the number of young people achieving highers has doubled with more young people than ever before now going on to university or college to get the extra qualifications they need to unlock their ambitions.

No longer are Glasgow’s schools dismissed as not good enough.  We’re now leading the way in showing what can be done if you have the political will and imagination.

But let me assure you. This has not happened by accident.  It’s taken years of investment to build the best environment possible for young people to learn in – that’s how we’re making a difference.

Glasgow Labour is delivering for our young people but we have ambitions to go further and achieve greater, making sure that our children have the opportunities to get the best start in life to fulfil their ambitions. Glasgow’s future success will be their success and we are equipping them for great things.